Download Beta 0.74
Prerequisite Installer


If you do not have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and Visual Basic Powerpacks, make sure to download the Prerequisite Installer above. It will first install the prerequisites you need, then install Iridium. 


 Release Date
Update Summary

 New Features

• Plugin Manager updates

o Rearranged order of tabs to be more functional

o Redesigned the search results page to be cleaner

o Search names are now based off of the actual plugin name, not the slug – looks better and is easier to use

• Upgraded to Visual Basic Powerpacks 12 – should fix several bugs

• Modified console display to prepare for future syntax highlighting

• Minor UI Tweaks – please comment

• Behind the scenes cleanup across the Server Manager, Kickstart and the PortMapper

• Added update notification as an icon rather than popping up in your face every time there’s an update.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed several minor bugs throughout

• Fixed update checker

• Fixed some glitches in the plugin config editor


New Features:
  • Added Craftbukkit version to downloads page – now you can see what versions are available
  • Code cleanup – removed unnecessary JSON calls, preparing for GitHub release
  • Modified console display to prepare for future syntax highlighting
  • Minor UI Tweaks – please comment
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed increment step of Maximum RAM from 1GB to 0.5GB


  New Features:

  • Added plugin configuration editor
    • Accessible from the "Installed" page of the plugins tab
    • Has YAML syntax highlighting
    • Editing of *.yml, *.txt and *.properties files
    • Edit any config file of these extensions in your plugin's root folder
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed increment step of Maximum RAM from 1GB to 0.5GB

  New Features:
  • Show Changelog when updating
  • Server RAM allocation is now done in Gigabytes instead of Megabytes
  • Minor UI Changes
Bug Fixes:
  • Removed automatic updater - now gives you the option to update if you wish.
  • Fixed doubling up of icons in the taskbar when launching
  • Fixed default "craftbukkit.jar" not showing up in Parameter settings.
 New Features:
  • Tools
    • Added Kickstart - easily set up a new server, optimised using custom made algorithms and allows plugins to be added at creation time.
    • Added PortMapper to forward ports easily from within the program
  • UI Changes
    • Removed animations on headings
    • Home screen now uses graphical buttons for server operations
    • Fixed up UI of plugin search field to be cleaner
    • Downloads section no longer has those dodgy bevelled images anymore.
    • Fixed up the splashscreen - it's not ugly anymore
    • Other minor UI tweaks
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed updating issues where trying to update would cause a program start loop
  • Fixed some runtime errors with searching for plugins
  • Fixed a memory leak when downloading CraftBukkit
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed UAC Error when trying to set Iridium to start with Windows.
New Features:
  • Configuration Menu
    • Save username for use in console
    • Choose between a black and white console
    • Start Iridium with Windows
    • Start Server when Iridium Starts
  • Enhanced Updating System
    • Automatically updates the program on startup if a new version exists
    • Removes old files and replaces them with new ones
  • UI Changes
    • Fixed some badly positioned text/elements
    • Changed the “Download CraftBukkit” Images
    • Splashscreen has a new look that will change with each version increment, the colour will reflect the type (currently is black (version codename is Combustible Coal)
    • Cleaner overall look
  • Added Installer
    • Been a long time coming, it needed the new update system to be fully effective first
    • Checks if you have the prerequisites needed – if you don’t, it gets them, if you do, it installs Iridium
  • Console
    • Added a dropdown menu for quick selection of default commands
    • Updated the list of default commands to reflect recent changes in Minecraft

Bug Fixes:
  • Multiple minor bugs fixed

Important Note:
  • Iridium now requires elevated privileges to run, as it needs to modify startup entries in the registry. If this proves to be a problem, please let me know and I'll see what I can do to change this. However, I would assume that many of you who are trying to run a server are doing so on a machine where you have access to admin rights. 

  Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed missing scrollbar in plugins list
New Features:
  •  Added plugin downloading capabilities
    • Search for plugins
    • suggestive input for a lot of plugins (note: due to the nature of the BukGet API's search function, some plugins will not work with the given names, because they use different names in game)
  • Plugin Manager
    • View and delete plugins
  • Better Operators editor
  • Added Whitelist Manager
  • System Information
    • Windows Operating System Version
    • Installed Java Version
    • Installed RAM
    • Dynamically updating available RAM, with colour indicators for various levels.
    • External IP
  • The program can now be minimised to the notification centre

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed server not stopping on server close
  • Fixed error message with the server properties editor
  • Major code optimisations (Thanks to Revan Maxwell for his contributions to this)
  • UI changes to remove broken edging on some words/controls.
  • Startup parameters no longer have weird formatting sometimes
  • Changed to the Minotar API to get user images - no blurry profile pictures anymore
  •  Changed console colour to white.
  • Minor performance enhancements
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added "Steve" default image for usernames that skins could not be downloaded for.
  • Added Updater
  • Recoloured UI 
  • Added more animations to improve UI experience
  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Added multithreading to prevent hang when typing in username
  • Added "Edit Server Properties" and "Manage Server Ops" 
  • Fixed Updater
  Initial Release